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Milwaukee Tool Serial Number Date

If you have ever wondered how to tell, how old, or when your tool was made, its really simple. Look at the large sticker on the side of your tool. On the sticker will be your serial number. So your tool serial number should look something like this: "F52BD1448 1267". the numbers we are concered with are "1448". According to the rep at Milwaukee, the "14" stands for the year, which is 2014,. the "48" stands for the week in that year that it was made. so this tool was made the last week in November. So this tool was made November 2014.

Lets try another serial number: "F14DC0912 1344"

did you figure it out? you should have come up with: 09= 2009. and 12= 12th week of the year, which is mid March. So this tool was made March 2012

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