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After helping a few people out with their cars, and receiving great support from forum members, I was hooked on helping people online with their cars. As the online automotive repair community grew, I was quickly promoted into moderator status on many various automotive forums. My desire to help people out, was noticed by heads of staff, and i quickly developed a reputation for solving stubborn automotive problems. Today I moderate car forums, run this website, run ImStricken06 on Youtube & Instagram, and manage to encompass promotional(sponsored) content for products I think are worth my viewers time.

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2008+ Nissan Rogue Experience

So i purchased a hobby wood burner from Harbor Freight and liked it enough to do a review. Well, they ended up posting my video all over their social media!

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfZ4Z3T0U-0

2013+ Hyundai Santa Fe Experience
2016+ Kia Sorento Experience

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